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Will I keep my same OTB Account Number?

Yes. OTBPay utilizes your OTB Account number.


How are my funds transfered to my OTB ?

Your funds are electroncially submitted to your OTB Office. OTBPay creates an electronic check against your checking account for the deposit amount plus a small fee.


What is an Electronic Check versus an echeck or ACH transaction?

An electronic check, 'echeck', and ACH (automatic clearing house) transaction are one and the same - a secure payment made  directly to from your U.S. checking account. Electronic checks mimic conventional, paper checks.


Do I need a special checking account?

Any U.S.-based checking account that can be debited electronically (is ACH-enabled) may be used. To learn about your account specifics, contact your bank.


Is paying by Electronic Check safe?

Yes. Just like with credit cards, all the information is entered in a secured environment and encrypted when submitted.


What checking account information do I need?

You will need the following: 

  • Account Holder Information: Name of account holder, address, city, state, zip, and country
  • ABA (American Banking Association) Number: Bank routing number
  • Account Number: Unique account identifier

You can find your ABA Bank Rounting Number and Account Number on any check from your checkbook.  The bank routing number is first (on the very bottom line of your check) followed by your account number and then a check number.  Following is an example of how his appears:



Can I get my Routing Number by calling my Bank?

Most bank Customer Service Deparments will assist you with your Routing Number once you have verified yourself with them.


Can I use a combination of credit card/debit card/go card/pre-paid card and check?

No. All funding depoists made to your OTB Wagering Account (Telephone Betting Account), through the OTBPay Service are made via electronic check. Your VISA/MC WILL NOT BE USED (OR BILLED) for the funding deposit to your wagering account. We do require a VISA/MC Debit/Credit Card during your Signup to gaurantee the electronic check.


When will the funds clear my account?

Electronic Check funds are transferred on the same network and following the same guidelines as physical checks. After submission, funds are requested immediately and your account will be debited between 2 and 4 banking days.


Can you accept my account information over the phone?

Absolutely. Telephone registrations are the method used for signing up your OTBPay Funds Transfer Account.

New Account Signups

If you already have a Telephone Betting Account with one of our affiliate OTB's just call us at: 866-LOAD-OTB (866-562-3682) or 614-328-8898 to fund your wagering account instantly with eCheck.

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