Your OTBPay Fund Transfer Account utilizes Electronic Checking to instantly fund your Off Track Telephone Betting Account.

Call OTBPay at 866-LOAD-OTB (866-562-3682) or 614-328-8898 to create your Funds Transfer Account to instantly add funds to your Wagering Account.

Traditionally, players have only been able to load their Wagering Accounts by physically presenting cash at an OTB location. Since the intent of an Advance Deposit Wagering Account is to enjoy the convenience of wagering by telephone and web, OTBPay offers the added conveniece of loading your Wagering Account from: home, the road or at an OTB! That means your Wagering Account is now truly as convenient as can possibly be.

Capital OTB, Suffolk OTB or Catskills/Interbets OTB combined with OTBPay are a serious player's dream. OTBPay allows players to plan their wagering around their busy schedule without worrying about getting cash to their Wagering Account first. Visiting an OTB location is fun and exciting, but not necessarily convenient when you have races you want to play but have somewhere else to be. Have you ever missed playing a hunch or a tip because you couldn't get to the local OTB in time to load your betting account?

Now you can keep your Wagering Account loaded with OTBPay. You can move good funds into your Wagering Account totally at your convenience and never miss another race again. Enjoy wagering from home or anywhere your busy schedule takes you, and know that funding your wagering Account is only a phone call away. What could be easier?

If you enjoy being at an OTB Teletheater or Restaurant, you can always just write a check to fund your Wagering Account while having a great meal.

You are never more than a phone call away from funding your Wagering Account. It's fast, easy, secure, and convenient!

Never miss another race again with OTBPay !!!

New Account Signups

If you already have a Telephone Betting Account with one of our affiliate OTB's just call us at: 866-LOAD-OTB (866-562-3682) or 614-328-8898 to fund your wagering account instantly with eCheck. © 2013 | Privacy Policy | Terms Of Use